Open Road Motors

2405 County Line Road
Dayton, OH 45430
Phone: 888-571-3757
Fax: 972-543-8956

IBC does not just sit idle waiting for customers and employees to make requests.  It is active, serving information to customers and dealership personnel as that information becomes relevant.

Automatic emails: 

Marketing emails:  This functionality is fully integrated with all departments, highly customizable, and all in-house.  Write your letter, specify your criteria, and watch it happen. With specific Reynolds and Reynolds software packages, IBC can send custom emails to the inboxes of each customer (or prospect, vendor, A/R customer, employee) based on a number of rules and selects defined by you.  Ask your Reynolds and Reynolds representative how to take advantage of these features.

Factory communication:  IBC continues to show its power and flexibility as more manufacturers move communications to the Internet.  IBC's factory communication is fast and reliable.

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